La Course by Le Tour in Lauren’s words

Wow, well that was an experience. It is pretty cool that the women’s peloton now get to experience racing in the centre of Paris with the finale of the Tour de France with the whole world watching live. However it’s also so crazy how much a little rain can affect the experience.

Rain is something we are used to racing in, some people even prefer it, as it adds another dimension to the racing, personally I don’t mind it as it’s the same for everyone but this afternoon in the centre of Paris was a whole new experience.


Team Hitec Products presented in Paris before La Course.

My race was pretty similar to most of the peloton, I had a rear puncture on the second lap, I got service from neutral as our car was too far back, the wheel I got was terrible but I was happy to be back rolling and rejoined the race after 1.5 laps chasing. Then after seeing teammates coming out the back I made my way back to the front, on the next lap, Kirsten, our sprinter crashed so I slowed to wait for her to help chase back on. We rejoined about mid race.

I was feeling pretty good and was trying to keep an eye everything while literally sliding around each corner, braking wasn’t an option, if you touched the brakes you would slide out as the wet cobbled roads now had become like glass with oil and reside from the cars surfacing with the rain.

With just over 3 laps to go I went down, hard. One girl hit the brakes in front on a straight piece of road and I had no where to go when she slide out. I jumped up quick but as soon as I tried to through my leg over the bike, I knew it wasn’t going to happen. I persisted and tried to pedal but I couldn’t put any weight through my left leg without a lot of pain, I then panicked, I wasn’t going to get back on to the bunch at this stage in the final 20k so with a lot of pain I decided unfortunately to call it a day.

I spent a little bit of time in the ambulance but in the end I was relieved to be able to ‘walk’ out without too much wrong.

To be honest I can’t say I enjoyed the experience, it was seriously dangerous and scary to race like this and for the men’s race to be neutralized tells you the extreme nature of the course. I’m now heading back to holland where I will have a full check tomorrow to confirm everything is ok.

Next up is a World cup in Germany next weekend and I would like to be fit and fighting for the team by then, until then.


Lauren builds form with 3 Thüringen top ten finishes

The seven day German stage race concluded on Thursday with Lauren showing some strong form building through the week.


The rolling terrain and strong start list offered a tough week of racing which served as an introduction to the second half of the season for Lauren.

“I really didn’t know where I was at coming into the week, I was really excited to get back in the peloton after about 6 weeks of training but also nervous to see where my level was”

On arguably to the toughest two stages; stage 3b and stage 6, Lauren placed 6th in both showing strong signs for the coming weeks.




“Stage 3B finished on top of a 300m 14% cobbled climb in the pouring rain, so that was exciting, it was just about fighting as hard as you could to the top of the wall. I was close to the podium but I’m happy with this result, it gives me some confidence moving forward”

“Stage 6, I was in the break from kilometer 5, so it was a big day. We got caught 100k later with 20k to go and immediately 2 girls went away, I think sprinted to 6th, I was happy with this, to be able to sprint after such a long break and over 2000m elevation, :-)”


Lauren is now preparing for La course which is on tomorrow in Paris, she will ride as a key support and lead out rider for super sprinter Kirsten Wild, who was 2nd last year.

La course will be broadcast live from 10pm AEST.

Refreshed and Ready

Refreshed and Ready

Lauren returns to racing with the International Ladies’ Tour of Thüringen beginning tomorrow and running for seven days until July 23rd. The eight stage race offers a tough course with rolling terrain and technical finishes song with a 19km ITT on stage three to sort out the peloton. This will mark the stage of the second half of Lauren’s season as she now has an eye set on the World Championships in Richmond USA in September.


Over the past six weeks Lauren has had some time to reflect and recover from the first part of her season which included 5 UCI wins along with another 5 podium finishes,

“Im really hoping to pick up where I left off, but Im not sure where Im at yet form wise, Ive worked hard for the last month or so to be as best prepared for this race and I am really looking forward to getting back into the swing of things”

The past two weeks, Lauren has spent at Altitude in Livigno with the Australian U23 mens and Para cycling teams,

“It was a fantastic place for training and I was really lucky to have great weather when I was there as well, the boys were super to train with and I hope I can show that in the upcoming races”


“I think that this week should suit me and Im looking forward to seeing where Im at”

Lauren’s race schedule for the remainder of the season is outlined here:

International Ladies’ Tour of Thüringen: July 17th – 23rd
La Course by Le Tour: July 26
Sparkassen World Cup: August 2nd
Route de France: August 9th – 15th
Sweden World Cup: August 23rd
Lotto Tour: September 8th – 11th
World Championship (if selected) : September 27th