Base Training in Port Mac

17 Nov
Published by Lauren Kitchen

Training for 2013 has well and truely began for me now and as a bit of an insight into my build up for next season I thought I'd cover what it consists of for me being back home in Port Macquarie.

I have a planned off season and build up that consists of many hours on the saddle in the hinderland of Port Macquarie, most days I have no phone service for hours at a time with just a few cows for company! Even through I know the roads around PM so well, it is always nice to head out on some of my favourite rides after a full season in Europe and of course with the lovely aussie sunshine! One of my favourite rides I like to do is up to Comboyne, a very small village about 50km from Port Macquarie with a lovely little cafe with good coffee and friendly country service, the Udder cow cafe!

While I'm building the kilometres up on the saddle I am also in the gym, with Greg and Kerry Gleeson at Organic Fitness. I have worked with Greg in the gym for a number of years now and he really knows how to get that little bit extra out of me in preperation for the next season. We work on a varied strength program that has changed slightly since we began working together in 2006/7 but has the same individulaised structure and support that I know works great for me to reach my potential. Kerry and Greg also really help structure my nutrition, health and recovery balance with detailed nutrition plans and support to find exactly the right mix for me with a focus on whole organic foods, a real passion of mine. Working with Organic Fitness is a real key area of my preperation for each season and definatly something I look forward to at the end of each year in Europe.

Off the bike I have also invested my time in to studying the dutch language in more detail so I can immerse myself more in my local community when I return to Breda early next year. I have dutch lessons twice a week and so far I have really enjoyed it, I hope to be able to communicate more effectivly in dutch soon!

I have been working with my coach, Graham Seers, and my new team, DTPC Honda to structure my race program for next season in order to target specific world cups and major races in Europe. I am really motivated for a big 2013 and I hope to start off with some good form at the Bay Crits on January 1 in Geelong with my new team! Bring on 2013.

Until next time :-)


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