Lauren Wins in Noosa!

14 Nov
Published by Lauren Kitchen

I have just come back from my off season and began training again when I travelled up to Noosa for the Women's Grand Prix, part of USM events Noosa Triathlon festival. In the race I was supported and was supporting my team mates for the day; Rochelle Gilmore, Carlee Taylor and Miffy Galloway. We raced well together and just after the sprint at the halfway point I managed to get away with the very strong Ruth Corset. Knowing I had Rochelle behind I tried to assess the situation and recover for the finish. I felt good in the final few lasp and was happy to get over Ruth on the line as she was very strong all day. It was a great win for me and for the girls and I am looking forward to some more summer racing before heading to the nationals and back over to europe to get into 2013! Bring it on!

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