01 Jun
Published by Lauren Kitchen

   Over the past month I have been racing in China as well as in Belgium and Holland. China was a great experience. It is very different to any race in the season and was fun to do with my team. Last week we had a training camp in Maastricht to focus on the TTT course for the world championships later in the season. It was really nice to be able to catch up with most of the team without the stresses of racing, plus we had amazing weather and we stayed in a castle which was very nice. The good weather has continued and I have been able to enjoy some real summer weather training and also off the bike which is a nice change to the sometimes terribly cold dutch spring.  

Next up for me is Durango and Bira in Spain next week. I am looking forward to the experience with a top GC team as well as to see how I respond to the tour recovery wise and after a little break. from racing. I travel to Spain on Sunday evening. Lets hope its another good one for Rabo!

First Photo Credit: Henry Oosterling

Cycling Photos Credit: Anton Vos


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