Hitec Products top 10 in TTT

Lauren’s Hitec Products team finished in 10th place in the World Championships Team Time Trial yesterday in Richmond, USA.

“We didn’t go in with big expectations but we were expecting to be a bit more competitive to be honest, we didn’t have a very smooth run in to the race with some girls being a bit sick and some logistical dilemmas. With all that said I’m pretty happy with my feeling and I also enjoyed spending time with my teammates for the last race of the season as a Hitec Products member. ”


The Hitec Team unfortunately lost Lotte Becker, their German engine even before the team rolled down the starting ramp due to mechanical issues with the team then having to rely on only five riders compared with six of each of the other teams.

“It was very unfortunate to not start with Charlotte, she is for sure the strongest rider in our team for this discipline so that was a big blow to the team, then we didn’t have the best feeling with the rest of the team, but I am proud of how the girls gave everything they had and its a more a case of what could have been for us, which is a little like unfinished business”

Lauren now turns her attention to the road race on Saturday where she will line up with a strong eight rider squad from Australia.