Sweden World Cup

Lauren has finished 10th in the weekend’s World Cup round in the Vargarda area of Sweden. The 133.5km race consisted of a large 56km lap followed by an eleven kilometre lap, completed seven times. The peloton had to navigate a 2.5km gravel section towards the end of the opening lap. The 11km lap was quite technical and included a punchy 1km climb in the final half of the lap.

“Our team plan was to go out and race and try to put one of us in a move, but if it was together in the last few laps or so we were going to try and set up Kirsten for a sprint”


The team had a very strong line up for this race with Kirsten, a previous winner of this round of the World cup, the team’s German, Charlotte Becker, team captain, Tatiana Guderzo, Norwegian duo Emilie Moberg and Miriam Bjornsnud and Lauren rounding out the roster. Unfortunately the team lost Lotte and Miriam to bad crashes on the gravel roads on the large lap. Both traveled to hospital but were later discharged.



“As we entered the laps a lot of teams started to try and attack but with the wind and every team wanting to be in the attack, it essentially meant no one was in the attack!, however the fast pace did cause a dwindling of the peloton to be only 25 riders as we entered the last lap. We were full gas before we reached the climb and the group split over the climb to about 15 riders, I was there but I was also looking for Kirsten who was just behind. The other teams also realised this and drove the pace not allowing her to rejoin in time for the sprint”

“I finished 10th, I wasn’t perfectly placed but I was also held up by the crash in the last corner, I needed to be a few places further up and I thin I could have gone for a better result, 10th isn’t bad in a World Cup but I feel like it could have been more.”

The result is very encouraging heading into the World Championships which will have a similar field to last Sunday’s World Cup and a similar course.

Next up for Lauren is a small training block before the Lotto-Belgium Tour September 8-11 and the La Challenge Madrid on the final day of the Vuelta on September 13.

The Worlds team will be announced on September 2nd.