Lauren completes Hat trick weekend of wins in The Netherlands

Building on her win in Friday’s Dutch classic, The Ronde van Overijssel, Lauren turned her attention to the Ronde van Hilvarenbeek on Saturday and the GP Mengelers Drielandenomloop on Sunday.



Photo: Henry Oosterling

Hilvarenbeek was a 65km national criterium race which doubled as the second round to the Kempen Klassement, which Lauren was leading after her win in Geldrop on April 26th. The open course did not lead its’ self to breakaways and after an aggressive 1.5hrs of racing the 50+ field was destained for a bunch sprint, of which Lauren was the quickest.

“I wasn’t feeling so good for the first half, I think after Overijssel I hadn’t quite recovered, but in the second half I started to come good and had good legs for the sprint. I’m happy with this win because it is very close to my cousin’s house in The Netherlands and it’s special to do well when they are there to support me.”



Photo: Hommersom

On Sunday Lauren, along with her cousins, Henry and Karin, headed south to the hilly area of The Netherlands for a Dutch classic race, The Drielandenomloop, which consisted of 5 laps of 20km with two challenging climbs each lap.

Lauren again rode herself into the race and in the pouring rain took the win to complete a stellar weekend from a four rider breakaway.

“I really didn’t expect to win again today.” She said after the finish.

“Today was very different to the last two days, there was rain and wind and also small lanes and lots of corners, I like racing in the elements, its adds another dimension”



Photo: Henry Oosterling

“I really couldn’t have had this success without the help of my dutch family Henry and Karin, not just for on race day but everything else, including a fair few hours of motor pacing” “Also all my sponsors in Port Macquarie, Rydges and Zebu, King and Campbell, Leicht’s Tyre’s and Auto, Organic Fitness and Roxsolt, knowing I have this support allows me to focus on racing and training 100%.”

Lauren wil now prepare for a two week racing campaign in China beginning next week with the Tour of Chongming Island, May 13-15, The Chongming Island World Cup, May 17 and the hillier Tour of Zhoushan Island May 20-22.